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June 9 -12, 2022
Wolf Dream Mountain
Lake County, CA.

A Sacred Gathering

  Meet Our Community


We are a community of women who commit to the journey toward self-awakening through indigenous and ancient traditions.  Together, we celebrate our diversity of varying cultures though song, dance, and communing with nature in silence.  We strengthen sisterhood by cultivating clarity in our minds, opening our hearts, and working with our hands to honor our Earth Mother and our beloved ancestors, hence creating a more connected and compassionate world.


Wolf Dream Mountain is 100 acres of sacred historical land located in Lake County, California where Native American ceremonies are offered to heal the wounds of the generations who came before us.


  Wolf Dream Mountain

Sacred Historical Land
  • Solo Wilderness
  • Prayer Ties & Prayer Sticks
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • Moon Lodge
  • Cross-Cultural Medicine Wheel Ceremony
  • Teaching Circles

  • Mindful Movement

  • Insight Meditation

  • Community Evolution & Maturation

  This is a sacred gathering.

   We invite you to honor the 5 precepts.

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